Where Does Find Probate Get Their Leads?

Just like all probate real estate professionals, Find Probate pulls leads directly from the source – courthouse filings. But there’s one really big difference. We do all the footwork, so you don’t have to. Because the fact is, there is no simple, easy, way to find searchable probate data for California real estate that’s instantly understandable and usable. At least, not until now.

Find Probate Makes It Easy to Farm Qualify Leads

If you have ever thought about farming probate leads, you should know it takes a lot of footwork. You must go to each court and use court computers to search. Parking is going to cost and printing out your leads carries a per page cost also. Then, plan to spend many long, boring hours searching court files, combing through file after file after file coping critical data to spreadsheets and being sorely disappointed when data you need, like petitioner contact information, is not included in the files.

We knew there should be a better way, so we created Find Probate. Our data harvesters go to probate courts every weekday, deal with the parking and scanning, and collect the critical data you need. It’s then imported into the Find Probate database where developers have created a normalization process that takes raw data and turns into readable information.

From there, you can search, read, understand, and download, neat, organized, up-to-date information with the click of your mouse. Best of all, when critical contact information is missing from court files, we use skip-tracing tools to find it and add it to our database so you have the information you need, when you need it.

Easy Search, PDF or CSV Downloads, and Advanced Filtering

Using Find Probate to search leads is about as easy as search with Google. Simply set the date range, the county you want to search, then select a city or zip, click search and start prospecting. There’re also advanced filters that you can use to really dig in, like searching for a specific attorney, or a petitioner’s address and even where the petitioner resides. Once you find the cases you want to start prospecting, download your data as a PDF or CSV which is great for mail merges.

Find Probate has a user-friendly interface that allows you to get the data you need quickly and easily. Don’t believe us? Take a free 7-day test drive of Find Probates tools and see what we can do you for.


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