How Does Probate Real Estate Sales Work?

Probate real estate sales may seem complex, but the fact is, with the right tools, tapping into this oft lucrative market can be easy. Basically, probate is simply the legal processed used to ensure the decedents debts are paid and their assets are disbursed to their intended beneficiaries. The decedent’s will typically define to whom […]

Why Find Probate is the Perfect Tool for Real Estate Pros

Probate has often been one area of real estate that many professionals avoid, making it was of the least competitive areas in the industry. Too complex, too time consuming, and too long to close are just some of the reason shy away from this niche. But the truth is, with the right tools, probate can […]

Where Does Find Probate Get Their Leads?

Just like all probate real estate professionals, Find Probate pulls leads directly from the source – courthouse filings. But there’s one really big difference. We do all the footwork, so you don’t have to. Because the fact is, there is no simple, easy, way to find searchable probate data for California real estate that’s instantly […]